Favorites… You Say?

For the Week 5 Challenge I’m going to list my favorite things to do,  to eat, anything… Here goes.

Well firstly my favorite thing to do is very hard to choose, but one of the things I love to do is hang out with my friends or my sister. My friends are hilarious and super fun to hang out with and my sister don’t even get me started she so funny and down to earth, you can talk to her about anything. She always makes you feel better no matter what.  I also love my sisters cooking she is only 13 is amazing at cooking (her mash potatoes are amazing)!

My favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Five Finger Death Punch, I have many others too. I can just sit and sit and listen to music. When I mad or stressed it always calms me down. When I listen to music no matter what the song is I can somehow relate to it in some way, shape, or form. I don’t have a favorite song.



What is your favorite band?


Favorite color is blue. Weird thing is I don’t were it that much I mean I wear different varieties of colors all the time. Blue is so pretty thing like the sky, oceans, etc. I used to say my favorite color was pink then I one day realized it actually wasn’t I mean pink pretty but I like blue better.


Which color do you prefer blue or pink? What is your favorite color?

Favorite hobby is reading. I can read and read for hours. I love the Divergent series, the Chasing Yesterday series, and many more. I can read to relieve stress or anger. When I read it’s like I’m really there in that time and place and can see whats happening right there in front of me.

What is your favorite book?

Favorite fruit is strawberries. I love fruit it’s healthy and amazing. Some of the names for fruits in other  place are weird though. All the different colors are interesting too. 

What is your favorite fruit?


My favorite day of the week is all hands down FRIDAY! No offense to school but it’s the end of the school week so that usually means no homework. Also on Fridays your not so worn out from school. So in short terms Friday is the best day of the week at least to me.


What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Favorite professional football team is the Patriots. My favorite college football team is Ohio State. My  favorite sport is actually track though. I love to run it’s really refreshing. I like to run on a breezy day.

What is your favorite College and Professional team? 



My favorite month is June. Which is in my favorite season summer. Anyways,  My birthday is in June. In June there is no school which is great and I get to go swimming and hang out with friends like the whole summer.


What is your favorite month? What is your favorite season? 

I can go on and on about my favorite things to do, etc. though I think I got the basics. Thanks for reading my post and don’t forget to answer the questions. Bye!













#Writing Wednesdays

Timmy the skinny squirrel was freezing in the the late winter breeze. So he demanded all the birds to spy around and fetch something nice, and warm for him to wear. The birds argued with him for an eternity, so he eventually quit arguing back. To avoid the strange mob of birds Timmy  snooped around for a while trying to find something warm to wear.Success!  His gaze, landed  steadily upon a immature mouse lazily sleeping along the river bank and saw a scarf and a handbag laying beside the mouse. Ohh! How cold was he… As he drew closer he detected a foul odor coming for the mouse. Timmy stopped in his tracks wondering why it smelled so nauseating. As the thought of the little mouse rattled in his head a gust of wind blew his fur all around and he decided to take the scarf and handbag anyways Timmy continued on his way to the river bank and snatched the scarf and handbag from the mouse before he woke. Halfway back to the forest, Timmy realized that he was being irresponsible taking items of such from a little mouse. Timmy turned back around to the bank to find that the mouse was watching him  as Timmy drew closer he said sorry for taking the mouse’s handbag and scarf but the mouse forgave and said that Timmy could keep the items. Timmy thanked the immature mouse and returned to the forest.


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Circleville Pumpkin Show

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An event that people in Circleville, Laurelville, etc. take part in . Since 1903, Circleville, Ohio has been the home of the Circleville Pumpkin Show. The festival occurs annually and begins on the third Wednesday of October.

The Circleville Pumpkin Show provides a showcase for Ohio farmers and their products. In 2007, the Circleville Pumpkin Show was the sixth largest festival held in the United States. The event attracts more than 300,000 people a year. Originally, the festival covered three city blocks in Circleville. The festivities currently occur over eight city blocks. In addition to farm products, the festival typically has between two and three dozen rides, as well as various parades, games, musical entertainers, schools come to participate in the parade the schools play their instruments and flag teams perform . A number of food vendors also attend the Pumpkin Show.  Show organizers estimated that twenty-three thousand pumpkin pies and more than 100,000 pumpkin doughnuts were sold in 2006 during the four-day festival.

Since organizers charge no admission fee, the Circleville Pumpkin Festival has become known as the “Greatest Free Show on Earth.” People from at least thirty-four states and thirteen countries have attended the festival in recent years.

I love going to the parade to ride rides, eat food, and to hang out with friends and family. My favorite foods there are the pumpkin pie and french fries.

Thanks for reading! Comment if you participate in any celebrations. Bye!






Picture Sentence


I made a couple sentences with pictures comment what you think the sentence say.

Sentence #1 



Sentence #2


Sentence #3 


Sentence #4


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wordle 3

In class we picked a name out of a container and whoever it was we did an About Them Post. I drew Tatum you can also find her blog by clicking on the link above. I use Wordle to create a word cloud about Tatum. You can use Wordle to create your very own word cloud just click the link above.


McDowell Kindles

My school McDowell Exchange has signed up  NBC4 Make A Difference Grant  to win kindles for our school. In order for our school to win we need to beat all the others with as much VOTES we can get. Our school would love it if you could for us McDowell Middle School. If you choose to vote click on this link  or the one in the first sentence. Thanks for reading! Bye!

Credit: http://www.nbc4i.com/story/20749736/nbc4-launches-make-a-difference-school-grant-project

Blog Audit

audit-logo.jpg (444×296)The blog audit that I did for my blog , is I have 27 posts. Five posts were school based, Five posts were of my own interests, and finally twenty  were set by the challenge. The amount of comments I received were twelve. Ten of the comments were from classmates and two were from teachers. But I didn’t get any comments from overseas visitors. The post that received the most comments was my  Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle. I think that the Halloween Jigsaw post received the most posts because our class were required to do our classmates jigsaw puzzles on their blog. So when my classmates did my jigsaw my classmates recorded their time.

The post that I enjoyed writing the most was my post about global issues and I selected  hunger to write about. The post is called ” Human Hunger Hurts”. I enjoyed writing the hunger post the much because writing the post on my blog is getting the facts about world hunger and the effects of it so others can learn about world hunger. Also, because now I know about world hunger and how to help.

On my blog I have 7 widgets, I don’t that 7 widgets is too many because it’s only 7 and 3 is for how many visitors that have came to my blog. I have y overseas visitors on my blogroll. The web tools that I used to show creativity on my blog was Google Slides and Acepoll.


For the second part of my blog audit I recorded the thoughts and reactions of someone who might not have read my blog, in this case it was Charles from my class he also has a blog that you can check out at Charles’ Cove .  As he interacted with my blog I wrote down notes about what he read , his facial expressions, his comments, Etc.Then, when he was finished looking at my blog I asked him 4 simple questions and recorded his answers.

1. What were your first impressions of my blog? Charles replied by saying he liked my background.

2.What captured your attention? Charles said mainly the writing?

3. What distracted you on my blog? Charles said some of the widgets.

4. What suggestions can gou give me to improve my blog? Charles said to make my paragraphs smaller by putting them in individual paragraphs.

This is the end of my blog audit. Thanks for reading!









Credit To Image: http://unhappytaxpayerandvoter.com/audit-dekalb-used-inflated-crime-stats-to-secure-federal-grants/

Human Hunger Hurts


World hunger is a problem happening all over the world. There are things and organizations you can take part in to help end world hunger. There is even a educational game that you can play and it provides rice to hungry children and families for every correct answer 10 grains is provided to hungry people. The game is called Free Rice. An organization for world hunger is Stop Hunger Now. There are other organizations that can help fight world hunger too.

¹Some facts of world hunger are of the world population 13.1 percent is hungry. Did you know? ¹That the world produces enough food to feed all 7 billion people who live in it, those who go hungry either don’t have money to buy the food or the money to buy the food. ¹Almost 98 percent of world hunger is in underdeveloped countries. ¹62.4 percent of hunger is in Asia and the South Pacific.²Almost 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes that means one person dies in every 4 seconds. ²Sadly, children are the ones that die most often from hunger.

There is more than plenty food to feed everyone on earth. But the problem is hungry people are suffering from severe poverty. Poverty is the main cause of world hunger. Just in case your wondering Poverty is the state of being extremely poor.  ³UNICEF estimates that 129 million children under 5 years of age in the developing world are underweight due to hunger, that’s one in four. ³UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children, with strong presence in 190 countries. ³Lack of nutrition from hunger plays a role in half of the 7.6 child deaths each year.

As you can see hunger is a sad thing and we can do something about. Like just playing a simple game like Free Rice and you can provide food for families. If you have any questions feel free to comment. Thanks for reading! Bye

You can find about animal abuse on Cassie’s Bog and Sydney’s Blog .


Where I found my information:

¹Do Something


³World Child Hunger Facts

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Visiting Blogs

The first time I did the Count Three Challenge, I randomly picked a blog of the Student Blogging Challenge List and ended up with Rosa’s Blog at http://rosa1am.edublogs.org. Then from her class list I went to Samantha’s Blog at http://samantha7pm.edublogs.org. Finally off Samantha’s blog list I ended on Cassandra’s Blog at  http://cassandra7pm.edublogs.org.   On Cassandra’s Blog I commented on the post about where she would live what really stuck out to me and made want to read that particular post about where she would want to live is the beautiful house, mansion whatever you would want to call the building it was huge. There also other images that drew me to the post but that image was the more important one. Though as I began reading I liked it even more because Cassandra wants to travel many different places as do I. Cassandra even wants to open her own pet place as well, which I would also very much like to do.

The second time I did the Count Three Challenge, I randomly selected a blog of the Student Blogging List and ended up with Holly’s Blog at http://holly567sblog.edublogs.org/. The from her blog list I went to Estelle’s Blog at http://estelle567sblog.edublogs.org/. From Estelle’s Blog I then went to Zoey’s Blog at http://zoeykitty.edublogs.org/. On Zoey’s Blog I commented on her post about Horses the post was called Horsing Around that is one of the reason I commented on the post I also commented because I like her images of horseback riding and horses I like horse their beautiful animals . The post was small though, so not as interesting but I do love the images.

The third and last time I did the Count Three Challenge, I once again selected a blog from the Student Blogging Challenges List and I ended up with Sarah’s Blog at http://sl2525.edublogs.org/. Then from her blogroll I went to Bray’s Blog at http://bray8638.edublogs.org/the-story-of-my-life/. The from Bray’s Blog I went to The Warrior Kat Blog at           http://thewarriorkat.edublogs.org. I commented on Kat’s post about The Vanishing Hitchhiker the reason why I selected this post to comment on is the photo stood out to me. But the title made me want to read it even more because I mean is just interesting. So as I read I liked the post too, it’s always interesting to learn about folk tales.

All the posts that I read and the blogs that I visited were all very different and interesting in there own ways. I enjoyed reading and visiting the blogs. Thanks! For reading my post. Bye!

Image Credit:http://www.business2community.com/blogging/blogs-fail-4-reasons-business-needs-one-01050359

My School Day

I’m going to write this post about my school day at McDowell Middle School. My school day consists of 7 periods. School starts at 8:05 A.M. and ends at 2:30 P.M. Our classes consist of 50-55 minutes.

I ride the bus to school (I get on the bus at 6:40 A.M.) When I go into school I sometimes get breakfast then I go to the bleachers and wait for the bell to go off. After that the bleachers I go to my first period class Choir. My teacher for Choir is Mr.Jones. Then I go to my second period class Advanced Language Arts with Mrs.Mrs. Caudill . After Language Arts I go to Art with Mrs. Helsel. After art I go to Lunch A. In my school there is three lunches A, B, and C. For fourth period I go to Math with Mrs. Riddle. Then after Math I go to my fifth period class Science which my teacher for that class is Mrs. Ross. After Science I got sixth period which is Social Studies with Mrs. Griffey. When Social Studies end I go to  the very last period of the day seventh period W.I.N in W.I.N you do homework or catch up on work or whatever. W.I.N stands for what I need. When the bell sounds you go to your buses or if your a car rider you go to your car. For me I ride the bus. Also of course I go to my locker in between classes.

So that’s what my day at school is like. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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